About Elixir Divers

Elixir Divers
Elixir Divers has been founded in 2004. We managed to create great diveshop on Koh Yao Yai, which is a hidden gem in this area.

We have all necessary licenses and insurance needed to offer services to the tourists in the Kingdom of Thailand. We offer not only diving services, but also accommodation, day trips, transfers, Bangkok trips and Northern Thailand trips.


in Thailand since 2004

Our team

Kamila Bartakova

Kamila Barták

Diving since 2015

Kamila discovered her passion for diving and underwater world in 2015 in Bali, Indonesia and after that she focused on diving very intensively. She has experiences in recreational, wreck and technical diving in seas (Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Egypt, Croatia) and also in lakes and quarries in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany. To share her passion she became diving instructor in 2017 and gained working experience in Honduras, Greece and Thailand. She also likes making underwater video & photography.

She has been member of Elixir Divers team since 2018.

Tomas Bartak

Tomáš Barták

Diving since 2015

Tomas had first diving experince during his military service in Czech Army, but he got certified many years later in 2015 in Bali Indonesia. Diving has become his favorite sport consuming all of his free time. He passed several another courses and mastered his skills heading to technical diving. Tomas is interested especially in wreck diving and plan to gain more experince in the future in this field.
He dives in quarries and lakes and also in seas and oceans in various parts of the world. In 2017 he became a scuba instructor and worked in Honduras, Greece and recently in Thailand.

He has been member of Elixir Divers team since 2018.