Scuba Diving in Andaman Sea, Thailand

Shark point diving, Thailand

Shark Point
(2 dives, 20 mins cruise time)

3,900 THB

One of the best places to dive along side leopard sharks as well as diving among a variety of soft and hard corals, where you’ll come across all sorts of shy and inquisitive species, including sting rays and moray eels.

Anemone reef

Anemone Reef
(2 dives, 20mins cruise time)

3,900 THB

This unique dive-site is a huge lime-stone pinnacle that soars 30 meters up from the seafloor to just beneath the surface then abruptly ends and drops back to a bottom of sand and oyster shells.

Green turtle at Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi
(2-3 dives, 50mins cruise time)

4,900 THB

A variety of exotic dive sites are dotted around these beautiful outcrops, including cave and wall dives. The corals host a large variety of marine life, including leopard sharks, eagle rays, sting rays, moray eels, turtles and octopus.

Similan Islands Diving

King Cruiser Wreck
(2 dives, 20 mins cruise time)

3,900 THB

Its a 90-metre long car ferry shipwrek located about 400 metres from Shark Point. The King Cruiser ferry sank in 1997 and his home to a massive variety of marine life such as lion fish, moray eels, snappers and jacks.

Koh Doc Mai Diving Thailand

Koh Doc Mai
(2 dives, 20mins cruise time)

3,900 THB

(Flower Island) is named for the colourful coral on the seabed around this beauty spot with a ‘wall dive’ inhabited by seahorses, anemones and ghost pipefish.

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