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What about NITROX?

Due to logistic complications, we do not offer Nitrox on Koh Yao Yai. But if you go to Similans on MV Sea Of Fantasy I, there is nitrox.

How many dives a day we do on Similans?

Usually three day dives and one sunset/night dive.

Where do we get onboard to Similans?

In the late afternoon you get in the car and go to Taplamu Pier (near to Khao Lak), where you get onboard of a vessel. After few hours cruise we reach Similan islands.

What tanks and valves do you have?

We use 12L aluminium tanks – half of them with INT valve and the other half with DIN valve. Even though we have couple of INT/DIN reductions, we advise you to bring yours if you have DIN valve. Especially if you plan Similan islands liveaboard trip.

Liveaboards are equipped with INT valves, so we highly recomend bringing your own INT/DIN reduction. Tanks are 12 ALU, but if you give us a notice, we can get some extra 15L tanks.

Which wetsuits do you use?

Water temperature is 28 – 29°C during whole year, so we use 3mm shorts. Gloves and hood are not needed.

What diving equipment should I bring?

Elixir Divers are fully equiped with all you need. Although we recommend to bring your own ABCs if you are used to it.

Is there lunch and drinks on the boat?

Because the divesites are so close and our speedboat goes really fast, we do not offer lunch on the boat. Although there is always fresh fruit and non alcoholiv drinks on the boat. Usually the whole two dives diving trip takes 4 hours.

How far are the divesites?

Our house reef is 5 mins boat cruise and the other divesites are 15 – 45 minutes with our Elixir II speedboate. Keep in mind, that we are right in the middle of all the best divesites in the area.

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